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Aesthetic Dental Filling


Aesthetic Dental Filling


The problem

Over time, as well as with eating habits, the teeth face some damage, such as abrasions, erosions and fractures that results in the reduction of dental tissue.

Mostly we are talking about damaging of the front teeth since they are the ones that appear fist when we smile.

Also in the oral cavity there are millions of microbes which in combination with nutrition, create in the teeth cavities (holes created by tooth caries).
Usually the reasons that require this treatment are:
1. Tooth decay.
2. Slightly crooked teeth (to look aesthetically in the same line as the bow of the other teeth).
3. Increasing the tooth size.
4. Tooth discoloration.
5. Gaps between teeth.
6. Erosion of the dental surface.
7. Small fractures or detached pieces of toothpaste.
8. When one tooth is different in color from the other.

What Is an Aesthetic dental feeling?

When the tooth has been damaged and there is loss of dental tissue (that is, the tooth crown is very damaged), then the most appropriate treatment is to reconstitute the tooth using synthetic resins (micro-hybrid, nano-hybrid resins).

This procedure can be done on all teeth, but more is needed on the anterior for cosmetic reasons. That is, the aesthetic filling is the seal on the front teeth.

But if the patient is more demanding and wants something general, an overall aesthetic tooth restoration and a perfect smile then he will find options here that will surely satisfy him.

The treatment process

We need to grind and roughen the surface of the tooth with special drills and pharmaceutical materials so that we have the best possible adhesion. This is achieved with the least possible loss of dental tissue, but many times it is done without removing any dental tissue, using a special technique that uses sand blasting.

Adding the adhesive for maximum retention, then add the resin and shape it to the original shape of the tooth.

Finally, we polish the resin in order to get the final shape and shade.

The result

Now the patient can smile again without hiding his mouth with insecurity. It’s a “new” smile now and the dental filling fits aesthetically with the rest of teeth, providing the best possible aesthetic restoration with the least possible loss of dental tissue.

Sensitivity and pain (if any) have disappeared. After treatment, the patient will be able to eat and drink without fear of aching or feeling anything.

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