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Invisible Orthodontics


Invisible Orthodontics


What is Invisible Orthodontics

It is Orthodontic without braces. Specially transparent splinters made of pure plastic or acrylic material that fit perfectly on the teeth and are very difficult to detect by third parties.

The transparent splinters work by moving your teeth in a straight, more attractive position. This happens gradually during your treatment and is not immediately visible.

The patient receives a number of orthodontic splinters that they should wear for at least 20 hours a day and change them weekly. The dentist / orthodontist will give the patient e.g. 5 pieces of orthodontic splinters together, each numbered, and the patient will change at home individually each week depending on the number (1st for the first week, 2nd for the second week and so on) until he/she uses them all and then visits the dentist / orthodontist to monitor the progress of treatment.

The maximum treatment time is 14 months.

Orthodontic splinters should be removed for eating, brushing and dental flossing.

What are the Benefits of Invisible Orthodontics?

  • Discreet treatment: Aligners are virtually invisible so you can straighten your teeth without knowing it. They are also removable, so you will not have to change your lifestyle while you are in treatment. You can still eat and drink all the food you love.
  • Comfort: Aligners do not have metal arms or metal wires to irritate your mouth. This means they are extremely comfortable. In addition, since you will not have any metal or wire, it means you will need fewer appointments with your Dentist / Orthodontist as fewer adjustments are needed.
  • Easy to clean: Traditional braces can make dental floss and brushing difficult, which can cause discoloration. This can lead to discoloration marks on your teeth and maybe even wear. Because the aligners are removable, you can brush and wash them properly, making it easier to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Less risk: To move the teeth, force must be applied. One of the problems that can arise from this, is root absorption. This condition refers to the root distribution of a tooth and can lead to tooth loss. Because the forces exerted by the aligners are more gradual than those applied by traditional props, the first evidence is that the alignment treatment exhibits a much lower root absorption rate.
  • Safer teeth: When traditional braces are removed from the teeth, this can sometimes cause some of the tooth enamel to be removed. Because the aligners do not use an adhesive to hold the teeth in place, removing the enamel is not a problem.

The problem

Invisible Orthodontics is usually used for patients who have dental problems, mild or moderate tooth decay or have minor gaps between teeth. Patients who have skeletal problems that cause premenstrual or ulcerative smiles can be treated by orthodontics with a splint. Usually such cases may require more complex treatment.

The treatment process of Invisible Orthodontics

The first appointment is to have a clinical examination and discuss the patient’s wishes. It is advisable for the patient to have a panoramic radiograph with him.

We will take impressions from the patient’s mouth which will be scanned and passed on to a special program that will give us all the details we need for the treatment plan.

Following the orthodontic treatment plan with the patient in the 2nd appointment we will give a number of  orthodontic splints that the patient will wear for a while depending on the case.

During treatment the patient should come to the dental office to check the progress. If everything is on the basis of the treatment plan the patient will receive the following orthodontic splinters for continuation of the treatment.

This process will sometimes be repeated until treatment is complete.

The result

A perfect smile in 1 year. Without training without pain and fatigue.

But in case you want an even whiter and perfect smile here you can see other suggested treatments.

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