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Teeth Whitening

What is Tooth Whitening?

Whitening is the change of the color of the natural teeth to the brightest and whitest, which is done only by the dentist with various techniques.

The whitening smile does not look fake and neither will. The teeth will look natural as long as the whitening is done.

The problem

A person’s teeth have normally a yellowish color. Other times due to smoking, coffee, and other pigmented foods, the teeth turn yellowish-brown and appear unattractive, which can affect a person’s social, personal and professional life. It’s a blow to his confidence.

This can easily be changed by a general renewal in a person’s smile. With a whitening procedure, the first step in changing a patient’s life has already been made.

The treatment of teeth Whitening

The whitening treatment takes time to achieve, otherwise the teeth may not get the fine color that the patient wants.

Bleaching is done in 2 ways

  • Bleaching at home: lasts about 4-8 weeks depending on the degree of brightness the patient wants to achieve. Special dentures and whitening material are given to the patient. The dental splinters should be used for at least 3-4 hours to allow the material to function completely. However, there is also material that can be used for up to 1 hour if desired by the patient
  • Home-Practitioner Whitening: is the best whitening quality that can be available in both color and durability. As in home bleaching, here are whitening splints and used at home for a while, then the patient comes to the clinic for a whitening session for about 1 hour and then continues the bleaching procedure at home. This treatment lasts for about 3-4 weeks, depending on the degree of brightness the patient wants to achieve.

At the dental office the teeth can also be whitened with LASER if the patient so wishes.

Bleaching can occur even if the patient is smoking.

During whitening, the patient should be very careful about what he or she is consuming because the teeth are prone to pigmentation. Here you can see the bleaching instructions in more detail.


Post-bleaching stage of bleaching.

Although the whitening treatment is over, the patient will have to wait for about a week to see what he or she will consume because the teeth are still prone.

Also, if a patient needs prosthetic rehabilitation he / she should have 2 weeks of patience to suppress the color of the teeth.

The result of Bleaching
It will be truly unique. Whitening is well worth your patience. You will see a huge difference.

We’ll show you the before and after and you’ll understand the difference.

If the patient wants something more in color and perhaps in the shape of a tooth, they can see some additional solutions here.

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