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Removable Orthodontic Retainer

Removable Orthodontic Retainer


What is a Removable Orthodontic Retainer or Splint Retainer? 

The Removable Retainer, as the name suggests, has the advantage of being removable – you can take it off to eat and then brush your teeth. It allows you to continue your oral hygiene routine without getting in the way. Also, the adjustment period is much faster, especially if you have used removable braces before. 

The only downside to removable retainers is that you have to remember to put them on. It is also important to wear the device correctly at the times indicated by your dentist and be careful when you go out to eat that you do not forget the brace. Always keep the splint in its box. In addition, the retainer splint must be changed from time to time to prevent wear.

Removable orthodontic retainer
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