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Treatment of Periodontitis with Laser


Treatment of Periodontitis with Laser


What is periodontitis?

Periodontitis, is an inflammatory disease that affects the periodontium, ie the tissues that surround and support the teeth. As a consequence of periodontitis we have the progressive loss of alveolar bone around the teeth. Without early diagnosis and treatment it can lead to mobility and consequent tooth loss.

How is the laser periodontal treatment process performed?

We use Laser to better access and remove inflammation of the gingival tissue and around the root of the tooth. When the infected tissue is removed and the root is exposed, root curettage begins. This involves scraping the dental plague and stone created beneath the gingival margin and around the root. The dentist then smoothes the root and removes any rough spots that may attract the bacteria and cause future infections.

The treatment of periodontitis is an easy process. The contribution of Laser use to periodontal treatment is enormous, as we avoid surgical treatments and injections, the results of treatment being much better and faster than conventional or even surgical periodontal treatment, which we usually avoid using of Laser.

In order for the laser treatment of periodontitis to be effective, the classical method of treating periodontitis should be preceded. The laser enters the final stage of treatment so that it can show off all its benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Periodontitis Treatment?

The main reasons that explain why laser treatment of periodontitis is better than the traditional methods of treatment of periodontitis are:

  1. It is conservative and slightly invasive. So, in most cases, surgery and sutures are avoided.
  2. We have minimal to no pain at all.
  3. Due to the lack of pain you do not need anesthesia. This avoids the needles and numbness we may have for hours after anesthesia.
  4. Sub-gingival curettage and removal of the inflammatory epithelium occurs simultaneously as the Laser sterilizes the periodontal pocket from all pathogenic germs as well as the tissues around it.
  5. The strong analgesic effect of Laser helps to don’t feel any pain which after treatment is much less than the conventional methods and lasts for 3-4 days.
  6. The inflammation disappears immediately, the bleeding gingiva stops and its been attached to the root surface in just a few days. This is due to the strong regenerative action of the Laser.
  7. Thanks to the regenerative action of Laser, better, faster and higher quality bone regeneration results in bone regeneration in the area of ​​injury.

One of the great advantages of Laser is that even in the rare case of surgical periodontal treatment, all the benefits of sterilization, shorter post-operative pain, faster healing of the incision and faster gingival healing are still present. And the most important is faster and better bone regeneration.

Laser Periodontitis Treatment: Postoperative Stage

In a few weeks, with co-operation and proper patient care, tooth movement is reduced, gums have stopped bleeding, inflammation has receded, and bone is recovering more rapidly.

Laser Periodontitis Treatment: The Ultimate Result

As a result, the patient feels healthier, tooth mobility (if any) is reduced to a minimum, the mouth does not have the bad smell it used to have, and the wonderful aesthetic effect that is visible on healthy gums is now visible.

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