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Treatment of Pericoronitis with laser

What is Pericoronitis

It is a specific condition called Pericoronitis and is most common seen on wisdom teeth. It usually occurs in young people between the ages of 18 and 25 when the wisdom teeth begin to rise in the mouth.

It is an inflammation, which causes some to intolerable pain, mainly caused by the infection of the gingiva around the partially or completely revealed wisdom tooth in the mouth.

The problem

The gingiva surrounding the wisdom tooth is irritated by the accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms and as a result we have swelling and pain of the gingiva covering part of the tooth or almost the whole tooth.

Some symptoms that may occur:

  1. 1. Pain
  2. 2. Swelling of the gum in the affected tooth area.
  3. 3. Bad breath.
  4. 4. Difficulty opening the mouth.

The Procedure.

The gingival covering of the wisdom tooth is done without anesthesia, and this is thanks to the soothing action of the Laserso that the patient does not ache, but instead relieves the pain that has afflicted him.

There is also the option of extracting the wisdom tooth.

The result.

After 3-4 days there is no sign of oral surgery. Thanks to the excellent anesthetic and biostimulatory action of the Laserand the patient’s proper oral hygiene, there is a high chance that the condition will not recur again.

Because of their better hemostatic and anaplastic activity and greater depth of sterilization, Laseris the most effective treatment.

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