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Treatment of oral thrushes with laser


Treatment of oral thrushes with laser


What are oral thrushes?

Oral ulcers are sores inside the mouth, usually appearing on areas such as lips, cheeks, palate, or tongue. They have a round or oval shape with a diameter of 1-2mm to 6mm sometimes they are extremely painful.

There is particularly severe pain after contact with salt, spices and acidic foods.

The oral thrushes tend to reappear after some time.

Causes of oral thrushes

The factors that cause oral thrushes are:

  • Genetic factors, some hereditary predisposition to develop oral thrushes.
  • Stress and stress, on a psychological level.
  • Injuries to the mouth.
  • Hormonal changes (eg menstruation, breast cancer).
  • Virus or bacterial infections.
  • Food and drug allergies.
  • Combination of the above factors.

Laser treatment of oral thrushes

This procedure does not require local anesthesia because the laser works in the area without causing pain. Laser is used without having to rely on the oral ulcers and thanks to its healing properties it heals wounds with biostimulation.

Treatment needs to be repeated several times every 3-4 days.

Oral thrushes is now very easy to treat, especially with laser.

The result

The pain that came before, has stopped. The only thing a patient should avoid for a few days is some foods (mainly acidic and salty). After 4-5 days, the site of surgery is completely healed. This procedure leaves no scars.

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