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Treatment of Dental Fistula with Laser


Treatment of Dental Fistula with Laser


What is a Treatment of Dental Fistula with Laser

The fistula is the body’s defense, the passage by which the body destroys all the inflammatory components produced in an inflammatory area in the bone. It is the connection between the site of inflammation in the bone and the surface of the gum (mucosa) or skin.

The fistula can be observed in the mouth, in the mucosa of the mouth, but may also be present outside the mouth in the skin (in more severe damage).

That is, it is nothing but the body’s defense against the appearance of the problem in the bone and the cause may be infection of the tooth or periodontal (ie the tissues around the tooth) by microorganisms.

The use of laser helps us for the complete elimination of microbes as well as the faster and better healing of tissues.

The problem

So the cause is a cyst in the bone or a large abscess that has expanded into the bone due to microorganisms that have penetrated either into the center of the tooth (from the pulp chamber to the root canals and from outside the tooth to the bone) or around the tooth in periodontal tissues.

It may be due to:

  1. Tooth damage such as a fractured fracture, internal or external absorption, old endodontic treatment, fracture of a large part of the coronal part of the tooth and movement of the tooth, immersion of the tooth into the alveolar bone by injury, extensive caries which has almost disappeared the coronal part of the tooth.
  2. It may also be due to extensive periodontitis in neglected mouths with poor oral hygiene.
  3. A combination of the two above.

It is usually a chronic problem, so the injury may have started in the bone or periodontal many months or even several years ago.

To defend against attack by the organism, the organism eliminates all of this pus fluid, which is made up of organ cells and microorganisms through the syringe pore to prevent infection from spreading to the rest of the organism and sepsis or contacts other sensitive anatomically parts of the organism such as nerves, vessels, sinus, nose and other sensitive anatomical elements of the organism.

On clinical examination, it appears as a reddened hole on the gum (mucosa) that sometimes may excrete pus from the infection. (Most patients report it as a pimple in the gums over the tooth that is bothering them).

It has depressions and exacerbations, that is, sometimes it swells and is annoying and at times the hole opens up the purple fluid and the patient feels relieved.

The treatment of dental fistula with LASER

Our goal is to eliminate all the microbes present in the bone.

So we need to heal the tooth and periodontal tissue because from there the microorganisms began to penetrate and spread to the bone and decay created the fistula as the body’s defense.

Thus the following can be described as treatments for the dental fistula:

A. Endodontic Treatment.

B. Repeat old tooth endodontic treatment.

C. Periodontal tooth treatment.

D. Tooth apicectomy.

E. Cyst removal

G. Tooth extraction

H. Combination of the above treatments

To better diagnose and identify exactly the tooth or teeth that have caused the problem, we place a gutta-percha inside the fistula hole and then have a periapical radiograph.

Many times the treating physician, when there is high swelling and even risk for the patient’s life, has to open this point with a scalpel to drain the pus, thus creating a voluntary fistula himself.

We can use LASER KTP by inserting the optical fiber into a distal syringe but also into a tooth that has a problem in order to catheterize, sterilize, and defecate all the way to the syringe tube, if possible.

The result

We have complete cure if treatment is successfully completed in the tooth and periodontal tissues. Then the dental fistula disappears.

Complete healing of the fistula can also have after a minor surgery called an apicectomy.

If the tooth damage is very severe and cannot be treated with endodontic treatment or periodontal treatment, then healing occurs after tooth extraction and good bone curettage.

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