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Retreading of Partial and Complete Dentures


Retreading of Partial and Complete Dentures


The problem

After several years of using a full denture, it is logical to have damage of the base structure. Also due to the lack of teeth there will be absorption of the jaw bone, as a result the denture does not touch the jaw properly and will need repair.When to refill a denture:

  1. Decrease in denture stability.
  2. Frequent irritation to the gums.
  3. Difficulty in chewing and talking.

In the case of minor denture instability, it can be treated by the use of fixative material (denture adhesive) that helps to apply the denture to the mouth.

When we notice that a denture does not fit properly, we should avoid frequent use of it and visit the dentist immediately because it may cause serious injury to the soft tissues of the mouth with which it touches.
There are cases in which a simple denture retreading is not enough and it needs to be completely replaced and a new one made.


1. The anatomy of the mouth has not changed to such an extent that a mere retread is sufficient.

2. The occlusion of the mouth has changed, and there is no proper chewing function.

3. The teeth on the denture are worn or broken.

What is Retreading of Partial and Complete Dentures

Refill, that is, the “filling” of a denture, is the addition of material to the denture so that it can be applied correctly again to the soft tissues of the mouth. In this way we renew the denture and extend its service life for as long as we can.

The process

Refilling a whole denture is done in two ways.

The first is the immediate one: at the moment at the dental office. This method is only for minor corrections, as the denture should be sent to the dental technician for greater conversions.

2nd is the indirect: The dentist takes fingerprints together with the denture and sends them to the dentist.

So the process of refilling is done in the dental laboratory.

In this case other denture problems are corrected, such as e.g. cracks, fractures.

The result

After the refilling process, the patient will have some time until he or she becomes accustomed to the new denture base and should have as many hours as possible in his mouth to be able to get used to talking, chewing food and generally daily movements. he needs to do.

However, in a few days the patient will become fully accustomed to the denture.

Usually a well-made denture will need refilling every 2-3 years.

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