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Reconstruction of endodontically treated teeth with posts


Reconstruction of endodontically treated teeth with posts


The problem

When a tooth has suffered a major tooth decay, abrasion, erosion or fracture, and a large part of it is missing (in some cases the entire crown-tooth may have been lost), a simple dental filling is not enough for maintain with the mastication forces applied to the mouth, so that after a while the filling will detach or break.

A tooth post can also be removed if needed.

What is the tooth post?

It is a type of dental restoration that is used either to stabilize a weakened tooth or provide greater stability for a crown by adding some pins (small axes) to a vital tooth or a post core or a fiber post to a non-vital tooth. Tooth posts are used when inadequate tooth structure cannot support the traditional way of repair (dental filling).

The process of reconstructing a tooth using a post.

  • Cast Tooth post core:

This option is indicated for teeth that have almost completely destroyed one tooth.

  1. First we start with the endodontic treatment if needed, (in case the tooth was not already endodontically treated)
  2. In the cavity we have created and in the properly shaped root canals we get impressions that we send to the dental technician.
  3. At the next appointment we pick up the cast post core and attach it to the pre-existing cavity.
  4. We get a final impression on which the dental technician will prepare the dental crown where we will place it on the cast post-core and will be the last stage of the whole treatment.
  • Pins:
  1. We clean the cavity of the tooth created by any fracture or caries and improve its shape for maximum retention.
  2. In the existing cavity we apply the small pins to points that do not affect the pulp (nerve) of the tooth. Therefore, the vitality of the tooth is not affected.
  3. We apply a special pharmaceutical material on the tooth to optimize retention.
  4. Then we add the adhesive.
  5. At the end we apply the resin or resin material (in the case of a dental crown).
  • Fiber Post:

It is the most up-to-date and most aesthetic solution to reconstruct with post especially on the front teeth.

  1. After the endodontic treatment (can also be done with Laser) before the final dental filling we prepare one or more root canals to accept fiber posts.
  2. Then we attach the fiber post with a special adhesive.
  3. Finally we place the dental filling.

It is advisable to have a dental crown after 3-4 months of endodontic treatment.

Post-treatment stage

Once the treatment is complete and the post is adhered, the patient should wait 2-3 hours without eating so that the post is polymerized to the tooth as much as possible.

In the case of pins (small axes) the patient should also wait 2-3 hours before eating, for maximum adhesion.

The result

A large dental filling or crown which has all the necessary specifications both aesthetically and functionally to stay in the oral cavity for as long as possible and to match other color and anatomically with the other teeth. Sensitivity and pain (if any) have disappeared.

After treatment, the patient will be able to eat and drink without fear of aching or feeling anything.

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