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Partial Dentures in the upper and lower jaw


Partial Dentures in the upper and lower jaw


The problem

When there missing several teeth in the patient’s mouth, they don’t allow a functioning chewing, talking and aesthetics, as there are many gaps in the mouth.
The teeth that are left in the patient’s mouth are not long enough to be joined by a fixed prosthesis (bridges), so the best solution is a partial denture of the upper or lower jaw, even in the two jaws at the same time.

What is a Partial Denture

Partial denture is a mobile prosthetic construction used when there is a lack of several teeth in the mouth, but not all of the teeth. Partial denture replaces missing teeth as an alternative to dental bridges and dental implants.

Types of some dentures:

Different types of Partial Dentures are divided according to:
1. Frame and base materials:
These may consist of acrylic, metal or a combination of both materials.
2. Teeth making materials:
They are the two most common materials, porcelain and acrylic resin.

The process for creating Partial Denture

For a partial denture that is aesthetically and functionally perfect,
It will require a series of sessions as well as full dentist-patient collaboration.

The time needed for this process is approximately 7 working days. And so the Partial Denture will be Perfect.

1st session
The impressions are taken from the corresponding jaw and sent to the dental technician who will make the individual plates to prepare the final impression trays that are unique to each patient.

2nd session
On the individual plates, the final impressions are taken to make the partial denture.

3rd session
The dental technician has prepared the base of the denture and added wax to the tooth position instead of teeth.
On top of that we make our measurements for the application the aesthetic and functional part of the work.

4th session
In this rehearsal we have teeth instead of wax, so we are testing the application of the aesthetic and functional part and if all is right we send it to the dentist who prepares the final denture.

5th session
The partial denture is ready.
The patient tests it to see if its application is convenient for him. As long as the patient feels comfortable with his partial denture both aesthetically and functionally he can leave wearing it in his mouth to begin accustoming it.

Post-treatment stage

During the first few days of partial denture application, the patient should have as many hours as possible in his mouth the Partial Denture to be able to get used to talking, chewing food and generally the daily movements he needs to do.
Within a short period of time he will become fully accustomed to his new denture and will have no problem using it.

The result

The patient will finally be able to smile after this injection of confidence, be able to eat, articulate properly during speech, not cover his mouth when smiling, because he will no longer feel bad about the condition of his mouth.

Every 2-3 years it will take the patient to see the dentist to see if everything is OK, because of the jaw bones changing, sometimes he may feel a change in the application of the denture in his mouth, something which is quite normal as mentioned above.

If some modifications are needed then the denture should be refilled, where we add or remove part of the denture so that it adheres perfectly to the soft jaws.

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