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What is Gnathology?

Gnathology is a branch of specialized dentistry that studies and treats the masticatory system in all its anatomical and functional aspects.

The goal of this discipline is to identify the correct cranio-maxillary relationship, maintain and/or restore it in balance with functional and muscular activity.

There is a close relationship between the correct contact between the two dental arches, the muscles of the lower jaw and the cranio-maxillary bones. Gnathology deals with the study and restoration of the proper balance between these areas and the resolution of symptomatology.

One of the goals of Gnathology is the treatment of bruxism - grinding and clenching of the teeth

When to start a Gnathological treatment? 

In patients who require orthodontic treatment, problems with organs and tissues of the jaw and dental systems can present with many different symptoms. 

These may include:

  • Sensitivity of the face and joints.
  • Limitation of mouth opening.
  • A slight ringing in the ears.
  • Headache (in the morning) and pain in the lower jaw.

If the patient suffers from one or more of the symptoms listed below, orthodontic treatment is necessary. It is necessary to schedule a visit to the Gnathologist and examine the patient’s oral cavity and, if necessary, make a diagnostic x-ray in the area of the joints.

One of the goals of Gnathology is the treatment of bruxism – grinding and clenching of the teeth (increasing the tone of the muscles involved in the movement of the lower jaw or hypertension, during which the hard tissue of the tooth (the same enamel) wears away, the straightening of the denture or restoring the dental arch.

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