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Frenulectomy with laser


Frenulectomy with laser


What is laser Frenulectomy

The mouth frenula is a small tissue film (a thin film) that connects the lip to the gum. The grooves in our mouth exist in the upper and lower jaws, in the midline areas of the mouth and in the area of ​​the premolars, and one that connects the tongue to the mouth.

We do Frenulectomy when problems arise from the mouth frenules such as:

1. Resorption of gingiva.

2. Prevent the normal application of complete / partial dentures.

3. The problem of closing the interdental space during orthodontic treatment, such as to create tension between the central areas that have been closed and to reopen due to this tendency. In some cases, it may be preventively removed to prevent relapse.

4. Obstacles to the free movement of tongue, resulting in angularity and speech problems.

Treatment of frenulectomy with laser

The procedure begins with the use of a minimal amount of local anesthesia and is almost completely bloodless. Its duration does not exceed 6 minutes.

The great advantage of using Laser is that it sterilizes the surgical field at the same time as the healing process, while simultaneously acting on the tissues helping them to regenerate rapidly.


Postoperative stage

There is no pain or bleeding after surgery and no stitches or any medication is needed.


The result of Frenulectomy with laser

At the end of the treatment, the patient can return to his / her daily routine immediately without distracting himself / herself at with pain from the site of the frenulectomy. The only thing a patient should avoid for a few days is some foods (mostly acidic). After 4-5 days, the procedure is completely healed. This procedure leaves no scars.

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