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Endodontic Therapy


Endodontic Therapy


What is Laser Endodontic Therapy?

Laser endodontic treatment involves the use of laser as mean for root canal sterilization from all microbes.

What problem the endodontic treatment with Laser helps us solve?

When the pulp is mainly infected by caries, which creates deep cavities, or due to an injury or fracture that allows the oral germs to enter the pulp chamber, the pulp is most likely to be devitalized.

Tooth pulp inflammation begins, blood flow incases and cellular activity also increase. This creates a pressure inside the tooth that cannot be relieved by the internal mechanisms of the tooth. Correspondingly, the dead pulp generates gases as a result of the activity of the installed germs. This increases the pressure exerted on the inside of the tooth and thereby directly causes severe pain. We usually feel toothache during chewing, as well as when the tooth comes into contact with hot or frozen foods and beverages.

How the process of endodontic treatment with Laser is performed?

After performing the usual endodontic treatment procedure, we can use Laser as the final stage to thoroughly sterilize the root canal and especially the lateral root canals and the area around the root. University clinical trials have shown that Laser induces sterilization (at a rate of up to 100%), in greater depth than all the conventional chemical-mechanical disinfection methods used in Endodontics, which provide satisfactory disinfection only within the main root canal, not on its walls, where there are lateral root canals, and in the periapical space, where there is a large percentage of germs. In contrast, Laser energy penetrates deeply into all of these spaces, even if the root tubes are very narrow or curved, and sterilize them. This enables us to complete the endodontic treatment within a single session, with complete security and excellent prognosis.

When the endodontic treatment process is complete, we place a temporary filling and after a few days the patient returns to place the permanent filling. This procedure is also used as a preventive method to allow the medicine to dry so that the root canals are sealed as much as possible.

Laser endodontic treatment: The result

The end result achieves maximum antisepsis and, due to its strong anaplastic action, causes faster and better quality bone resorption in the periapical area.

In short, we have a treatment that guarantees excellent results near 100%, with no recurrence of problems.

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