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Dental fillings


Dental fillings


What are Dental Fillings?

It is a dental restoration that uses composite resin as a restorative material to restore the function, integrity and morphology missing from the tooth structure. Only white Dental Fillings that are aesthetically identical to other teeth are now used in most of the countries of the world.

The problem

Caries and fractures are the two most common causes for a tooth to lose some of its structural tissue. When the tooth has lost enough of its structural tissue and the conditions allow it then we can proceed to the restoration of the tooth by Dental Fillings. In cases where a large part of the tooth has been lost then the best and also the most aesthetic solution is the Onlay/Inlay. Many times it may be necessary to change a seal either due to wear or from black to white for aesthetic reasons. In decayed teeth, the right one is to place a case after slaughter.

The Treatment of Dental Filling

  1. First we need to remove the damaged tissue by using milling or other minimally invasive methods such as the use of aluminum particles so that all the cariogenic tissue is removed.
  2. We use a pharmaceutical material that sterilizes the tooth from microorganisms and removes the dust created by grinding.
  3. A special adhesive is used to allow the resin to adhere to the tooth.
  4. We add the resin into the cavity we have prepared and shape it properly to get the original anatomy of the tooth, which is very important for function and aesthetics especially in the anterior teeth.

If there are multiple Dental Fillings in one area of ​​the mouth then it is possible to have multiple Dental Fillings at the same appointment.

Post-treatment stage

Immediately after the appointment, it is possible for the patient to feel a little odd, but this is normal and after a while he / she gets used to it. There may also be a sensitivity which is also normal and which decreases with time. If there is any concern then your dentist will be able to help you and examine the matter.

The result of a Dental Filling

It is an aesthetic restoration where it matches the morphology and color of the remaining teeth. Sensitivity and pain (if any) have disappeared. After treatment, the patient will be able to eat and drink without fear of aching or feeling anything.

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