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Aesthetic Gingivoplasty with Laser


Aesthetic Gingivoplasty with Laser


What is Aesthetic Gingivoplasty

It is the surgical removal of the affected soft tissue, resulting in the discovery of the surface of the tooth where it provides us with the visibility and accessibility we need to completely remove the irritant causes. It is used for therapeutic (periodontal disease, hypertrophic gingivitis) but also for cosmetic reasons.

The problem

The presence of gum disease causes some of the following problems:

1. Aesthetics

2. Hypertrophic gums.

3. Elongation of the crown tooth

4. Removal of periodontitis pocket.

Procedure of Aesthetic Gingivoplasty with Laser

After using a local anesthetic, so that the patient does not feel pain, we begin to surgically remove with the laser, part of the gingiva that is not needed, until the gum reaches the desired point. This procedure is quick without tiredness or pain. In the end we add surgical cement to the point where the surgery was done for protection and better healing.

Postoperative stage

It takes about 10-14 days for the scar to heal, and the surgical cement we use reduces pain and helps to the mastication of food.

The result

After removing the cement, the gingiva is growing to the desired point, also with this procedure we have helped to eliminate most of the pathogenic microorganisms while at the same time achieving aseptic conditions.

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