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Answer each question one by one


1: In a small smile, which part of your teeth can be seen, do their incisal eges appear?

2:The length of your central Incisors is in good proportion to your but your front teeth

3: Is the width of your central teeth well-proportioned to your adjacent frontal teeth?

4: Do you have any gap (or gaps) between your frontal teeth?

5: : Do your frontal teeth protrude?

6: Are your frontal teeth crowded or do they cover each other?

7: When you smile wide, do all your teeth have the same bright color?

8: If your frontal teeth have dental fillings, do they match the color of your teeth?

9: Are any of your frontal teeth darker than the others?

10: Are your six frontal lower teeth straight and have the same spacing?

11: Do your posterior teeth have stains and discoloration from bad restorations?

12: Do your restorations – dental fillings, porcelain veneers and Crowns look natural?

13: Do any of your teeth have visible cracks, bumps or fractures?

14: Missing teeth, which you haven’t replaced?



15: When you smile wide, does your gingiva appears?

16: Are your gums red and swollen?

17: Have your gums receded from the neck (the dentinoenamel junction) of your teeth?

18: Do your gums end up forming a crescent shape around each tooth?

19: Are there caries and gum diseases in your mouth that can cause bad breath?

20: Do your cheeks and lip area look dotted?

21: Is the middle line of your teeth aligned with the middle line of your face?

22: Do your teeth flatter the shape of your face?

23: Do your teeth look quite masculine or feminine compared to your whole appearance?

If you answered Negatively to most questions then you are happy with your smile. Alternatively, you can ask your dentist how we can improve your smile.